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Wire Annealing Furnace

Industrial Heat Treatment Furnace, Steel Wire Processing Equipment, Heat Treating Machinery for Metal Wires, China Metal Wire Processing Machine Manufacturer

Wanyi provides annealing furnaces that used for varied applications. We can design furnaces with different volume, capacity, and fuel (natural gas or electricity) for processing steel wires of varied materials and specification. Generally, an annealing heat treating furnace is composed of unwinding machine, furnace, pickling device (optional), drying unit, and winding machine. It is easy-operated and generates no pollution.

Main Unit
Dimension: 8000*2030*1720mm (L*W*H), height from ground to furnace center: 1000mm
Inside structure: refractory bricks for inner side, high-temperature board for the intermediate layer
Rated power: 25KW*6

Cooling Unit
Dimension: 6000mm*1300mm*400mm (L*W*H)
Cooling tube specification: 304, φ33*3*6000mm
Tube connection: pipe thread
Connection between pipes of furnace and water tank: casing

Winding Unit
Cycloidal speed reducer: wire winding (φ600+φ400), dual use;
Variable frequency drive from Fujifilm;
Winding and unwinding part can be started and stopped simultaneously
Electrolytic pickling
A set of FRP tank;
5 lead plates, U ceramic;
Blowing nozzle, air pump, acid pump, and water pump

Unwinding Unit
3 groups of wire unwinding racks;
4 380mm-high platforms for wire unwinding;

Ammonia decomposition: 5m3/h

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