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FCW Metal Sheet Coil Slitting Production Line

The strip cutting unit is composed of 3 parts: steel coil unwinding machine, coil slitting machine, and coil winding machine. With a speed tracking unit, it will decelerate to the allowable range automatically when the slitting speed exceeds the limit.

1. Max slitting width: Bmax=16mm
2. Slitting thickness: δ=0.6-1.0mm (different tools for different thickness)
3. Max slitting number: Nmax=15 strips
4. Max slitting: Vmax=60m/min
5. Cutter outer diameter: φ200mm
6. Max weight of unwinding: 1000㎏
7. Coil inner diameter: φ500mm
8. Material receiving plate outer diameter: φ1000mm

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