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Low Carbon Steel Wire Drawing Annealing Equipment

As an expert China steel wire producing equipment manufacturer, Wanyi is specialized in offering users one-stop steel wire processing solutions. Machines and production lines are customizable according to clients' requirements.

Our carbon steel wire production line is designed for the production of carbon steel, spring wire, steel wire for making nails, steel wires for construction, fence, black iron wire, and wire mesh, etc. It is distinguished for high automation, no pollution, easy operation, and convenient maintenance.

This line composes of 2 units: steel wire pretreatment unit and rough drawing unit.

Production line components component
1. Steel Wire Pretreatment
Wire unwinding machine: steel welded structure, equipped with alarming device;
Derusting machine: fully-closed welded steel structure; 4 wheels enable wires to bend at 360 degree; 4 steel brushes work to remove the rust on wires; position of the brushes are adjustable

2. LZ/600 Straight-Line Wire Drawing Machine (Rough)
The straight-line rough wire drawing machine is comprised of tension device, wire winding machine, and electrical cabinet.

Max fed wire strength: ≤450MPa
Max fed wire diameter: 6.5mm
Min discharged wire diameter: 2.2mm
Max compression rate: 89%
Max drawing speed: 12m/s
Actual drawing speed: 8-10m/s
Water pressure: ≥0.2MPa
Gas pressure: ≥0.5MPa

1) Motor
Host unit: 22KW AC inverter motor
Winding machine: 15KW AC inverter motor
2) Reel
Diameter: Ф600mm
Material: ZG270-500, coated with carbon tungsten powder
Hardness: HRC60
Service life: 2 years at least; we will replace it for free if your reel is worn within 2 years since you have bought the machine
Cooling: narrow-slit type water cooling inside the reel; forced slot type annular air cooling outside the reel
3) Mold box
Material: welded structure; quenching treatment is given for wheels and rollers
Service life: 1 year; we will replace it for free if your reel is worn within 1 year since you have bought the machine
Cavity: cavities separately for lubrication powder and indirect cooling
Direction: universally adjusted to ensure the angle of steel wires during drawing

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