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About Wanyi

Wanyi is an expert metal wire drawing and processing equipment manufacturer with 17 years' experience. We are competent in designing machineries different in volume, capacity, and fuel for producing metal wires of varied materials and specifications. Whether you are looking for drawing solutions for welding wire, copper wire, carbon wire, or any other non-ferrous wire, Wanyi will be your best choice. Read More

    1. Flux Cored Welding Wire Production Line
      Its product, flux cored wire, serves as a filler metal and electrode in diverse fields like pressure vessel, ship building, military building, and heavy equipment manufacturing.
    1. FCW Metal Sheet Coil Slitting Production Line
      The strip cutting unit is composed of 3 parts: steel coil unwinding machine, coil slitting machine, and coil winding machine. With a speed tracking unit, it will decelerate to the allowable range automatically when the slitting speed exceeds the limit.
    1. FCW Steel Coil Recoiling Production Line
      Steel strip winding unit is comprised of steel strip unwinding machine, tension system, and strip winding machine. The unwinding machine employs double-ended screw to arrange steel strip at an interval of 3-5mm. The winding unit decelerates gradually when a strip is going to finish and places the strip between unwinding machine and tension frame.
    1. Flux Cored Wire Roll Forming Machine
      Rough wire drawing unit comprises unwinding machine (automatic/manual mode), tension system, roll forming machine, servo powder feeding system, straight-line wire drawing machine, and electric control system.
    1. Gas Metal Arc Welding Wire Processing Equipment
      Wire feeding rack: each rack is able to carry at least 2.5 tons of steel coils. It is welded with seamless pipe; and equipped with error indication, start, stop, and emergency stop buttons
    1. Gas Metal Arc Welding Wire Forming Machine
      Material: ZG45 steel; coated with abrasion-resistant tungsten carbon powder; zinc thermal spraying treatment is adopted inside the reel to prevent generation of scale
    1. Gas Metal Arc Welding Wire Fine Drawing Machine
      1. LZ6-10/400 straight-line wire drawing machine
      2. φ800 wire unwinding machine
      3. φ630 wire winding machine
    1. Gas Metal Arc Welding Copper Wire Coating Line
      Equipment for wire copper plating is used for coating welding wires used in the manufacture of metal products. This line is a sequence of baths, solutions, and chemicals.
    1. Arc Welding Wire Coiling Line
      Precision layer winding line is suitable for the precision layer winding of thin welding wire onto plastic or metal spools. It is composed of 4 parts: the host unit.
    1. Stainless Steel Wire Production Line
      Wanyi stainless steel wire production line is designed for the production of a diverse selection of stainless steel wires, high-strength hard wires, and alloy wires.
    1. Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine
      Straight-line wire drawing machine is appropriate for processing high, medium, or low carbon steel wires, stainless steel wires, bead wire, steel cord, flux cored shielded wire.
    1. Wire Annealing Furnace
      We can design furnaces with different volume, capacity, and fuel (natural gas or electricity) for processing steel wires of varied materials and specification.