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Flux Cored Wire Roll Forming Machine

Rough wire drawing unit comprises unwinding machine (automatic/manual mode), tension system, roll forming machine, servo powder feeding system, straight-line wire drawing machine, and electric control system.

Main Features
1. The unwinding process is done automatically with the inverter motor. Speed of the unwinding machine and roll forming machine is consistent, enabling a stable wire tension.
2. An oil coating device is set to apply oil to back side of steel strips so the strip is lubricated and less burrs will generate. Oil drip rate is adjusted by peristaltic pump.
3. Strip feeding system: steel strip moves along an S-shaped track. It won't slip easily due to the large contact area between the strip and guide roller. Speed measuring device is applied in this system.
4. Speed measuring system: moving speed of steel strip can be reckoned accurately from the speed of guide roller precisely tested by encoder. Then the result will be feedback to the servo powder feeding device for a more accurate control.
5. Forming roll: the steel strips are rolled into U shape by 3 vertical driving rolls and 3 horizontal rolls, and then are filled with powder.
6. Powder feeding device: 3-stage feeding hopper; servo motor drive; groove channel with positioning rollers on 2 ends is mounted to prevent the strips from vibrating; an alarming device is set in case the powder runs out; powder hopper is made of stainless steel to eliminate the potential influence of magnetism.
7. After the powder is fed, the steel strip will be rolled into O shaped by 3 horizontal rolls and 3 vertical rolls.
8. Reducing diameter of the semi-finished steel wires which have been rolled into O-shape by 2 pairs of vertical and horizontal rolls. To avoid burrs or any damages, horizontal and vertical rolls are arranged at a certain interval. Wire reducing process will be done repeatedly until the required dimension is met.
9. Rolls are adjusted according to the scale. Horizontal rolls are adjustable relatively.
10. Drawing machine employs 1/2 class narrow V-belt for stable transmission and low noise

Steel strip:Mild steel, SPCC-SD
Specification (mm) width*thickness:12*0.8; 14*0.9
Specification of finished strip (mm):Φ2.25-Φ2.9
Feeding speed (m/min) :100 (max)
Roll dimension (mm) :Φ160, Φ70
Powder feeding:servo powder feeding with belt, speed feedback system
Wire unwinding wheel diameter (mm) :φ800 (upon clients' request)
Wire winding wheel diameter (mm) :Φ630 (upon clients' request)
Speed control:frequency control, PLC control
Testing system :automatic photoelectric test, alarm when powder runs out

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