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Flux Core Welding Wire Drawing Machine

This unit features advance structure, convenient operation, high automation, and good product quality.

Main Parameters

Specification Drawing times Max feeding size (mm) Min size of finished wire (mm) Max speed (m/s) Motor power (kw)
400 8-12 4.2 0.75 25 7.5-15
450 8-12 4.6 0.96 25 11-22

Speed control:Frequency control
Control system:PLC control
Unwinding manner:double-cone no-shaft wheel; automatic damping unwinding
Winding manner:frequency control constant tension; rod cable device for arranging strip
Turning device
pneumatic anti-tension turning;
constant and adjustable tension;
angular displacement non-contact sensor

material: ZG270-500;
surface coating: WC;
surface hardness: >HRC60;
finish: 1.6Ra;
slit-type water cooling;
service life: >2 years

Mold chase
indirect water cooling;
lubricated powder cavity;
built-in mixing device;
adjustable direction;
optional rotary mold case

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