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Fertilizer Blending Equipment

Fertilizer Processing Equipment, Fertilizer Mixing Machinery, Mixed Fertilizer Producing Machine, Organic Fertilizer Machinery

This fertilizer equipment is widely used in the preparation of fertilizer through a series of material feeding, conveying, blending, and packaging operations. It is mainly composed of hopper, transmission unit, and stirring device. It is highly efficient, precise, and environmentally friendly.

Speed: 2.8t/h
Accuracy: 0.2%
Types of fertilizer: 3-5
Power: 12KW
Air consumption: 0.6M3/h

1. Intelligent fertilizer preparation
The intelligent fertilizer processing system comprises 3 major parts: fertilizer preparing system, smart weighing and mixing system, and printing system. It empowers an efficient fertilizing making line which incorporates automatic feeding, conveying, preparing, blending, and packaging processes with an accuracy of 0.2% at a high speed of 2.8t/h. In this way, fertilizer manufacturers are able to change or add ingredients that farmers need.

2. Highly targeted
To boost the highest nutrient levels in soil, varied recipes are employed by farmers for different lands and different plants. That's what this fertilizer making machinery is designed for.

3. High accuracy
The adoption of advanced testing technology ensures that the ingredients of finished fertilizer will be exactly as what is expected.

4. No waste
Amounts of fertilizer the equipment produces is determined by the number of households, the plant types, and farmland areas. Production quantity is controlled strictly so there will be no waste.

5. Environmentally friendly
Production process of this kind of fertilizer is largely simplified compared with compound fertilizer, which requires several laborious and resource-consuming treatments, like secondary crushing, pelletizing, and drying. That means lower production cost.

6. Highly convenient
Users can place this equipment in town, village, or anywhere that is convenient for farmers. All farmers need to provide is just the material for making fertilizer.

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