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Inverted Wire Drawing Machine

Nickel Alloy Wire Drawing Machinery, Copper Wire Processing Equipment, Wire Coil Making Machine, Drawing Equipment for Steel Wire

Inverted wire drawing machine comes with the function of both wire unwinding and wire winding. It is applicable in drawing high, medium, or low carbon steel wires, non-ferrous metal wires, and alloy wires, with the max allowable wire diameter reaching ф30mm. An inverted wire drawing machinery is mainly composed of reel, motor, and electrical control cabinet.

Here at Wanyi, we provide a wide range of metal wire processing machinery. Come and choose equipment of the exact specification that meets your application now.

Reel diameter:ф550-ф1300 mm
Max feeding diameter:ф30 mm
Wire strength:≤1200 MPa
Compression rate:5-30%
Max drawing speed:2.5 m/s
Motor power:3-90 kw

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