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Gas Metal Arc Welding Wire Production Line

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    1. Gas Metal Arc Welding Wire Processing Equipment
      Wire feeding rack: each rack is able to carry at least 2.5 tons of steel coils. It is welded with seamless pipe; and equipped with error indication, start, stop, and emergency stop buttons
    1. Gas Metal Arc Welding Wire Forming Machine
      Material: ZG45 steel; coated with abrasion-resistant tungsten carbon powder; zinc thermal spraying treatment is adopted inside the reel to prevent generation of scale
    1. Arc Welding Wire Coiling Line
      Precision layer winding line is suitable for the precision layer winding of thin welding wire onto plastic or metal spools. It is composed of 4 parts: the host unit.

CO2 gas shielded welding wire line is designed to produce all kinds of solid wires, like CO2 gas shielded welding wire and submerged arc welding wire. The production line features high automation, no pollution, easy operation, and stable performance.

Main Components
1. Pretreatment Equipment for Gas Shielded Welding Wire
The pretreatment unit is set to draw steel strips into thin wires by unwinding, peeling, pickling, boron plating, drying, and rough drawing operations.
Raw material: Ф5.5mm, ER50-6 welding wire
Pretreatment: material feeding → wire stopping device → mechanical peeling → electrolytic pickling → boron plating → drying

2. Rough Wire Drawing Equipment
LZ7/600 straight-line wire drawing machine → SG800 winding machine /XB600 winding machine

3. Fine Wire Drawing Equipment
Fine wire drawing means drawing steel wires to the desired diameter
FX800 feeding reel → LZ400 straight-line wire drawing machine → tension frame → SG630 winding machine

4. Wire Copper Plating Equipment
Coating the steel wires with copper with several devices and drying them, then winding the wires to the winding wheel
Unwinding machine – degreasing – electrolysis – rough alkaline cleaning – electrolysis – fine alkaline cleaning – hot water cleaning – neutralizing – electrolytic pickling – activation and pickling – copper plating – cold water washing – neutralizing – winding machine

5. Precision Layer Winding Line
Precision layer winding line is used to wind the steel wires to the required weight. During packaging, film is adopted to protect the welding wire from moisture. This line can be customized according to clients' requirements.
Unwinding machine → tension frame → layer winding machine → shrink wrap machine