Arc Welding Wire Coiling Line

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Precision layer winding line is suitable for the precision layer winding of thin welding wire onto plastic or metal spools. It is composed of 4 parts: the host unit, the tension unit, unwinding machine, and electrical control cabinet.

Main Features
1. Tension is kept constant in the precision layer winding process as variable frequency speed control is adopted both for the host unit and for the unwinding machine. That means higher layer winding efficiency and better wire quality (especially wires of φ0.6 or smaller). At the same time, constant tension allows for more stable performance of the welding wires, and effectively avoids change of wires' diameter and pitch.
2. The winding process enjoys a constant line speed with a speed detection device.
3. Welding wires are arranged highly accurately no matter in the unwinding or winding process, in which 32 bit ARM step motor is accepted.
4. The layer winding machine is designed with the functions of welding wire straightening, auto weighing, precise counting, and winding speed detecting.
5. The tension machine is set to test, adjust, and control the tension of the wires in the winding process.
6. Machine braking is controlled accurately and stably by computer.
7. The wire winding equipment will stop automatically when there is a power failure or broken wire.
8. Multi-functional buttons

Technical Parameters
Max winding speed about 20m/s
Welding wire specification φ0.60-φ2.00 (gas shielded wire); 2.0-5.0 (submerged arc wire)
Wire coil specification φ52+0.3+0.1 (inside diameter) ×φ270 (inside diameter) ×90.5 (inside width)
Wire winding wheel capacity 100kg-400kg (users need to offer us the wheel drawing)
Machine dimension 3000mm×7000mm
Total weight about 2500kg
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