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Gas Metal Arc Welding Wire Fine Drawing Machine

Welding Wire Processing Equipment, MIG Wire Making Machine, Electrode Machinery, Drawing Machinery for Welding Electrode

LZ6/400, LZ7/400, LZ8/400, or LZ10/400 straight-line wire drawing machine
Max feeding diameter: φ2.6mm
Mix discharging diameter: φ0.6 mm
Theoretical speed: ≥20 m/s
Water pressure: ≥0.2Mpa
Gas pressure: ≥0.6MPa

1. LZ6-10/400 straight-line wire drawing machine
2. φ800 wire unwinding machine
3. φ630 wire winding machine
4. φ320 tension device, with the wheel made from Aluminum alloy
5. Degreasing machine
6. Human-machine interface (HMI)
7. Electrical control cabinet
8. Dust removal design
9. 24V lamp for protective shield
10. Ventilation fan (air-cooled, start or stop simultaneously with the drawing machine)
11. Guide wheel, given surface polishing and hardening treatment, the hardness reaches HRC60

Main Structures
1. Motor: 11kw AC self-cooled inverter motor for the reel

2. Reel
a. Diameter: φ400
b. Material: ZG45 steel; coated with abrasion-resistant tungsten carbon powder; zinc thermal spraying treatment is adopted inside the reel to prevent generation of scale; hardness: >HRC62; finish: ≤0.8Ra; thickness of coating: ≥1mm
c. Service life: 5 years' guarantee; we will replace the reel for free if it is worn in 3 years
d. Cooling: narrow-slit type water cooling inside the reel; forced slot type annular air cooling outside the reel
e. Testing device is set behind each reel to shut the machine down when there is a broken wire

3. Protective shield
Protective shield of the drawing machine is designed with plexiglass windows, one piece of which is movable so as to observe the wire drawing progress or add powder

4. Degreasing machine
a. Reciprocating high-pressure water spray, mechanical sweeping, gas blowing
b. Gas blowing operation of the degreasing machine is controlled by electromagnetic valve and done simultaneously with the drawing machine; cleaning pump equipped with filter device is controllable individually
c. Water sealing device is adopted for the degreasing machine cover to prevent water from spilling out; a drain port controlled by valve is equipped at back side of the machine

5. Mold box
a. The box is assembled and fastened with screw without welding
b. Comes with cavity for lubrication and cooling water (direct water-cooled open mold); the powder won't spill out into the water cavity which is covered with a cap
c. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th boxes adopt dual-mold pressure drawing structure, others are fully-sealed submerged water-cooled type.
d. The tension adjustment sensor is set at the inlet of mold box, powered by cylinder
e. Universal direction adjustment; 10-12mm groove for collecting dust
f. Mode hopping device is adjusted at inlet of the box

6. Tension adjustment roller
Tension adjustment operation is done pneumatically. Made from Aluminum and coated with carbon tungsten, all of the guide wheels are given 4 years' guarantee. The sensor from TURCK adopts non-contact angular displacement. Mold is compensated automatically after it is worn.

7. Transmission style
a. Joined V belt
b. Pneumatic brake controlled by electromagnetic valve is available on each side; welding wire won't get broken when there is an emergency stop

8. Cooling system
a. A stainless steel ball valve is set in front of each reel for reel cooling, mold cooling, and water flow adjustment; consumption of water is shown by an indicator
b. Temperature of the reel is kept lower than 60℃ when the equipment is running
c. Controlled by electromagnetic valve, the cooling water feeds or stops automatically as the machine starts or shuts down
d. Reinforced connectors of the water cooling system

9. Pneumatic system
All of the pneumatic devices are from AIRTAC; electromagnetic valve is adopted to control the machine automatically

10. Tension device
a. Diameter: ≥φ320
b. Material: wheel of the tension unit is made from Aluminum and coated with carbon tungsten. Its hardness reaches HRC60 and is of good finish and wear resistance. The service life is at least 2 years.

11. Degreasing machine
The greasing machine cleans the welding wires mechanically, accompanied with a high-pressure spraying system (drain port is set at bottom of the tank); blowing device is available at the outlet

12. Control system
a. PLC and variable frequency control system; each machine is set with the operations of start, front/back linkage, stop, and emergency stop
b. Users can preset the length, speed, check the error, machine condition, set the mold and draw the wire through the HMI, as well as control drawing machine singly or in series
c. Speed of the system is adjustable. Operations of unwinding, winding, and drawing can stop immediately when there is an emergency stop
d. A wire cutting device is set at the tension adjustment roller. When the wire is broken, the mechanical and pneumatic devices will detect simultaneously and trigger an emergency stop. The system will alarm automatically and show where and why the errors arose.
e. 2 tool boxes are set under the console

13. Unwinding system
a. φ800 wire unwinding rack, the wheel size is the same as that of rough wire drawing
b. Wire unwinding rack is motivated and controlled pneumatically
c. Braking: pneumatic device
d. Speed control: mechanical damping
e. Bearings are from HRB or LYC
f. Safety door

14. Winding system
a. V-belt transmission
b. Pneumatic braking
c. Speed and tension control: 11kw inverter motor
d. Welding wires are arranged pneumatically with the interval smaller than the wheel inside width
e. Bearings are from HRB or LYC
f. Safety door

15. Safety system
a. The machine won't start when there is an open protective shield, unreset button, or insufficient air pressure
b. Auto stop in case of broken wire
c. Emergency rope pull switch
d. Emergency stop button on the main console; emergency stopping time: ≤5S; quick stopping time: ≤15S; normal stopping time: ≤30S

16. Function description
a. Drawing machine: start, stop, broken wire detection, protective shield detection, tension, mold box, and water volume adjustment; each machine is equipped with 2 foot switches;
b. Console: start, stop, emergency stop, accelerate, decelerate, error indication, power indication, reset, speed, shield and lamp selection, high/low speed selection; touch board
c. Touch screen: setting for wire diameter, speed, length (machine will stop automatically when the required length is met), tension, reel cutting, error indication, and PLC-I/O module

17. Operating system protection
a. Protection for undervoltage, overvoltage, open phase
b. Error protection inside frequency converter
c. Reel protection and broken wire protection
d. Overheat protection for motors
e. Emergency stop and other failure protections

18. Wire fixing roller and new mode hopping manner

19. Gate structure for lower part of drawing machine

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