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Gas Metal Arc Welding Wire Processing Equipment

Welding Wire Making Machine, Production Line for Solid Electrode Wire, MIG Welding Wire Manufacturing Machinery, Gas Shielded Arc Welding Wire Machinery

Working efficiency: ≥2.5m/s
Water pressure: ≥0.2Mpa
Air pressure: <0.4Mpa

Main Components
1. Wire feeding rack: each rack is able to carry at least 2.5 tons of steel coils. It is welded with seamless pipe; and equipped with error indication, start, stop, and emergency stop buttons
2. Wire derusting machine: removing oxide of steel coils with 8 wheels arranged in 90 degree and steel wire balls. Hardness of the wheel made from bearing steel or hard alloy reaches HRC65. The whole device is sealed and equipped with dust collection hopper.
3. Steel wire ball cleaning device: using a conical steel ball with upper and lower groove, accompanied with high-pressure cold water flow to remove the rust and impurities on the steel wires. The tank for cleaning is U-shaped at arc φ45. A high-pressure blowing device is set at the outlet. A double-layer filtration unit is available for the circulating water.
4. Electrolytic pickling device: the pickling tank is made from PP board. Cleaning job is done by a high-pressure gas blowing device. At the upper groove, positive and negative plates are placed alternatively. Corrosion-resistant circulator pump (dual pump) and acid mist processer are set in the pickling unit. Rectifier cabinet: 0~12V, 0~750A; supply of water, acid, and gas is controlled automatically as the machine starts or stops.
5. Boron coating device: this device is heated by electricity or steam. Temperature is controlled automatically beyond 90℃. Tank of the device adopts 304 stainless steel board for the liner and is protected by a water seal structure, ensuring no water will infiltrate into the insulation layer. The boron coating tank is equipped with vent holes. Heat resistant circulator pump is available.
6. Drying device: work basing on high-frequency induction heating technique; it is equipped with self-circulating water cooling tank and heat exchanger. Cooling tube is well protected by insulation materials.
7. Electric control cabinet: a control station is set for operation of all of the electrical components on the production line, including control for motor, heater, circulator pump, ring blower, electrolytic power supply, temperature controller, and all of the buttons. Operation between interface and drawing machine comes with both single and double action mode.

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